What is SEN?

What is SEN?

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can affect the way your child learns.

It may affect their:

  • ability to understand things
  • behaviour or ability to socialise (for example they struggle to make friends)
  • reading and writing (for example they may be dyslexic)
  • concentration levels (for example they may have ADHD)
  • physical ability

Talk to the teacher or the SEN Co-ordinator (SENCo) at your school, early years setting or college if you think your child needs:

  • a special learning programme
  • extra help from a teacher or assistant
  • to work in a smaller group
  • observation in class or at break
  • help taking part in class activities
  • extra encouragement in their learning, for example to ask questions or to try something they find difficult
  • help communicating with other children
  • support with physical or personal care difficulties, for example eating, getting around school safely

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