Fee Waiving Policy

We wish to help families in crisis to access our services sessions when they have an emergency which has resulted in no means of payment. Where it is possible, we would like to support families in crisis.

As a charity, our funds are very limited however we will designate an amount to support families in crisis. This will only be a stop gap solution rather than a permanent solution and all requests for financial support have to be authorised by the Chair of Trustees.

It is important to us that the procedures we follow are transparent, fair and non-discriminatory. Therefore, we have developed this policy to outline criteria for referral; the referral and decision-making process, response time, limitations on support and referral pathways for ongoing aid.

Criteria for referral:

A sudden family crisis e.g.

  •  Illness of main carer or sibling
  •  Death in the family
  •  Relationship break up
  • A financial problem/cash flow

This provision is intended to support families with children with all disabilities and additional needs, including those with no diagnosis.

We will prioritise provision on a ‘most need’ basis.

The referral and decision process

In the first instance please talk to one of our team. This will be your choice; please feel free to talk to someone you feel comfortable and at ease with. Your request and conversation will be treated and sensitively but in order to get a decision it will be necessary to share within the team.

Decisions will be made within two weeks of the referral.

Who can refer?

Families can self-refer
Children with disabilities support agencies