Family Disability Information and Advice Service

We provide an integrated holistic support service for families and carers of children that experience all forms of disabilities, additional needs and difficulties.

Part of this is to be able to provide you with a support network, that not only offers you emotional support, but also practical support. This could include accessing appropriate financial aid or putting you in touch with relevant services in the local area.

We can give you relevant information, help you prepare for appointments and/or advocate on your behalf, write letters with you and talk through reports to be sure you understand them.We can support you to engage with other local services and help identify available funds and grants specific to your needs.

Our support workers can assist you to complete a DLA or PIP claim form for your child/young person.

We run regular workshops that you can attend to get some general information and small group help. We can also meet with you one to one.

Our disability information and advice workers can guide you through processes that may seem daunting and support you to understand important decisions made for your family.

We provide training opportunities for Parent and Carers. These are varied and we welcome training requests from families. Not only can this training help your family it also gives you the chance to meet families in a similar situation and share your experiences.

We endeavour to enable Parents to become empowered and better able to manage their families’ circumstances.

The support services we can offer you and your family is tailored to your individual situation. The list above is a guideline and is not exhaustive.


For more information please contact Holly Gomori:

01752 204369