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Lending Library Listing

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Item Description

Please see below for a complete listing of all toys and equipment:

Specialist & Switch Adapted Toys

1 Fisher Price Dance & Move BeatBo – Switch Adapted
2 Frozen Olaf Storyteller – Switch Adapted
3 Bubble Machine – Switch Adapted
4 Toy Rabbit – Switch Adapted
5 Vibrating Cushion – Switch Adapted
6 Glitter Roll Sensory Toy – motorised light-up cylinder containing shiny pompoms that tumble around inside – Switch Adapted
7 Ring Around Sensory Toy – 8 different coloured bells rotate and chime – Switch Adapted
8 Little Mack Switch
9 Jelly Bean Twist Switch
10 Large Dome Switch
11 Big Point Recordable Switch
12 Galt Frog-in-a-box Toy
13 Flip Fingers Toy – colourful wooden tubes with bells inside
14 Tubey Toy – free standing floor panel with tubes & coloured balls
15 Double-sided Wooden Activity Centre
16 Bilibo Toy – versatile shell-shaped toy that can be used to rock, spin or hide
17 Wheelchair Activity Arch – large metal frame with activity panel and hanging loops

Sensory Toys & Equipment

31 Chime About – spinning wooden toy with mirrors and bells
32 Bondina Bells – bells on a wooden frame that need only the slightest touch to ring
33 100 2m Fibre Optic UV Strands with Twinkling Light Source
34 Laser Cosmos Starlight Projector – projects starlight onto walls and ceiling
35 Vibrating Cushion
36 Fluorescent Tube Drum – A drum of 6 tubes filled with mirrors & fluorescent pieces which provide visual effects when rolled under UV light
37 Portable Bubble Tube – 800mm height
38 Vibrating Snake
39 Squidgy Sparkles Numbers, Shapes or Fish – tactile glitter-gelfilled coloured shapes, great to use with a light panel
40 A3 Light Panel
41 Kidz Ear Defenders
42 UV Kit – includes mini UV lamp and assorted fluorescent items that glow in the dark under UV light
43 UV Pop-up Cosy Cave Tent – small, lightweight blackout tent with removable roof
44 Blackout Tent – a sturdy dark den with frame 1mx1mx1m
45 Sensory White Projector Mat &Shelter (mat only, projector not included)
46 Sensory Backpack – includes Kaleidoscope, Glitter Wand, Going Magic Light-up Ball, Oil/Water Waterfall, Heat/Cool Pack, Flashing Orbit Ball, Texture Tangle, Scented Heat Pack & Light-up Fan
47 Bodhran Drum
48 Ocean Drum – drum filled with small metal balls, replicates the sound of the ocean
49 Aroma Stream Diffuser & Essential Oils
50 Giant Piano Mat
51 Musical Roundabout – coloured balls on springs that turn on the base and play music

Therapy Equipment

61 Nessie Positioning Aid from Specialised Orthotics Services
62 Lumbar Roll
63 Firefly Playpak – portable activity kit for children requiring additional support
64 Foldable Physio mats 78x185cm
65 Dycem Non-slip Mat
66 Flexi-cut Cups – small
67 Kura care Children’s Angled Cutlery
68 Physio Wedge – large
69 Physio Wedge – small
70 Beanbags – large
71 Physio/Peanut Ball – clear with coloured balls inside
72 Proprioception Backpack – includes Vibrating Head Massager, Vibrating Cushion, Activ Roll Body Roller, Weighted Ball, Vibrating Body Massager, Sensory Body Sock & Cuff Weights
72 Wobble/Balance Cushion

Specialist Equipment

Maclaren Major Buggy
Special Tomato Jogger – 3 wheel buggy

Weighted Therapy

Weighted Blankets – various sizes, please enquire for further details
Weighted Lap Pads – various sizes, please enquire for further details
Weighted Snake


For further information about any items or to arrange a loan please email jess@friendsandfamilies.org.uk or call the office on (01752) 204369

What our friends and families say...

Thankyou family and friends for being there for me it’s been unbelievable, but you guys are always there for a chat or advice xx 


Thank you, as always, for a fantastic event. Daisy had a great time x

Andy Smith”


Morgan had a fantastic time this is her 2nd time of joining fun and freedom activities and is enjoying it very much and looks forward to the next so thank you 

Charlie Harris”


These guys are absolutely amazing! If you are a family with a SEN child this charity is great to connect with. There is activities provided for different groups; children with additional needs, children with severe additional needs, siblings of Sen children and family activities. Plus they are an important hub of any information you may need. Oscar is part of their ‘adventure club’ and this gives him bags of opportunities to access so many different things – pizza making at Prezzo, archery, day trips out, access to a hydro pool. Just to name a very small amount. No judging, full support and a chance to connect to other families just like ours 

Jolene Cumes”


Lovely activities for both the children with send and the rest of the families. The workers really understand the situation and are very supportive. We have used the lending library and family support services. Thank you for allowing my youngest to have a break from being a carer 

Chloe Botterill”


Attended a session about sensory processing, was very well presented. Loved the idea of practical experiments putting yourself into a child with processing disorders shoes to see the world from their point of view. Really helpful information.

Donna Potter (parent) Jan 2020

I would highly recommend friends and family of special children. I think all the staff are fantastic, very friendly, helpful and do an amazing job. as a family with 3 sen children you guys are a god send with the activities and workshops you put on for families and the children. We really love the lending library and wish we had found you guys years ago. It would have saved us loads money lol. Thank you and keep up all the good hard work. You help us so much as a family 😍 x

Helen Blaco October 2019

“The emotional support I received from my befriender was fantastic and the opportunity to off load and reveal my concerns and fears was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Gareth Allen (parent)

Absolutely amazing charity that offer amazing support to the whole family and lovely breaks for the siblings. My daughter has benefited from days out with the fun and freedom club and adores Brett as he always makes her smile and feel comfortable. My son has autism and ADHD so sometimes life can be a little stressful for her so a days break away to enjoy herself with other children who experience similar things is amazing. It gives her a chance to play and be herself. The family events are always so fantastic as well and so are the events for the disabled child. Friends and family really are such an amazing charity that really cares. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Jodie Jones (parent) June 2018

“Not only does the charity provide exciting experiences for the children but can also help with much needed support for the parents.  Being a parent of a disabled child can at times be very lonely and isolating.  To meet with other parents on these activity days is a breath of fresh air and helps you to realise that there are many other people like you facing the similar day to day challenges of having a disabled child.  From our personal experiences we can share stories, offer help and advice and even make new friends.”

January 2018

“Thank you to all staff for looking after our kids at Magdalen Farm. Oliver has really enjoyed himself and can’t wait till the next time.”

August 2017

“What a fantastic friendly welcoming place. We visited for the first time this morning for help to fill in a DLA form for our eldest daughter. We were given great help and advice with something we found very overwhelming and difficult.”

February 2017

“It was the best day ever being able to go swimming as a family with her little sister who can only use a hydrotherapy pool. We’re so grateful we can have unforgettable days out thanks to the events you put on. We can thank you enough.”

May 2016

“Thank you, yet again, to Friends & Families of Special Children for providing opportunities for my son that I never thought he would be able to do.  During the summer he was able to have surfing lessons and enjoy other water sport activities organised by the charity.   When we arrive at the sessions they are always very well planned and as parents we have no explaining to do and even better no apologising for our child’s behaviour!  The staff have an amazing understanding and empathy on the needs of various disabilities of the children and this helps to keep everyone relaxed and happy including the parents/carers!”

October 2015

Activity Calendar

All face-to-face events have been postponed at this time. We are however running Zoom sessions on an individual and group basis. Sessions are available for the whole family. If you're looking for advice, support, or a general get together, please get in touch to schedule info@friendsandfamilies.org.uk | 01752 204369.

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