Our mission is to make families with disabled children feel valued and experience the best quality of life possible
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Privacy Policy


Friends & Families of Special Children takes confidentiality very seriously. We aim to provide a high standard of service & give an assurance to people who use our services, that information will be treated in a confidential manner.

Staff & volunteers can also expect the same standard of confidentiality.

We comply with the Data Protection Act and this Confidentiality policy should be used in conjunction with our Data Protection Policy & procedures, which covers all aspects of storage of personal data & its disclosure to others.


We will:

  • Only ask for information we require in order to provide you with the correct support.
  • Treat your information in confidence.
  • Talk to you in a suitable place where you cannot be overheard.
  • We will not help you pass on false information to another person or organisation.
  • If we have to share your information with another person or organisation we will follow our guidelines as set out in this policy & the Data Protection policy.
  • Review our working practices on a regular basis.

You will:

  • Be given a private interview when required or at your request.
  • Be able to see your records until they are destroyed in accordance with the practices of the individual department or project, which holds them in compliance with the Data Protection Act. 


  1. The Chairman retains overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy.
  2. The Committee is responsible for reviewing and updating this policy.
  3. Facilitators are responsible for implementing this policy within their workplace.
  4. You are required to adhere to this policy.


When we need to obtain information from you we will do so in a private room or a private space.

When you first make contact with us, we may ask you to provide personal details or provide sensitive information. This is in order to assist you. How much a member of staff or volunteer needs to know about you will depend on the nature of your request for assistance.

Our Data Protection policy covers how this information is held & outlines when we may have to share this information with another person or organisation without your permission, when the law requires it.

Similarly, with the authority of the Chairman or Secretary in his/her absence, we would pass on information if you put yourself or a third party at risk.


Staff and volunteers will only share information on a need to know basis.

What our friends and families say...

“Thank you, yet again, to Friends & Families of Special Children for providing opportunities for my son that I never thought he would be able to do.  During the summer he was able to have surfing lessons and enjoy other water sport activities organised by the charity.   When we arrive at the sessions they are always very well planned and as parents we have no explaining to do and even better no apologising for our child’s behaviour!  The staff have an amazing understanding and empathy on the needs of various disabilities of the children and this helps to keep everyone relaxed and happy including the parents/carers!”

October 2015

“It was the best day ever being able to go swimming as a family with her little sister who can only use a hydrotherapy pool. We’re so grateful we can have unforgettable days out thanks to the events you put on. We can thank you enough.”

May 2016

“Not only does the charity provide exciting experiences for the children but can also help with much needed support for the parents.  Being a parent of a disabled child can at times be very lonely and isolating.  To meet with other parents on these activity days is a breath of fresh air and helps you to realise that there are many other people like you facing the similar day to day challenges of having a disabled child.  From our personal experiences we can share stories, offer help and advice and even make new friends.”

January 2018

“The emotional support I received from my befriender was fantastic and the opportunity to off load and reveal my concerns and fears was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Gareth Allen (parent)

“What a fantastic friendly welcoming place. We visited for the first time this morning for help to fill in a DLA form for our eldest daughter. We were given great help and advice with something we found very overwhelming and difficult.”

February 2017

“Thank you to all staff for looking after our kids at Magdalen Farm. Oliver has really enjoyed himself and can’t wait till the next time.”

August 2017

Activity Calendar

Please note our activities can be browsed by date using the interactive calendar below. A light green square indicates there are events scheduled on that day. Simply hover over the square and the number of events on that day will appear. Click on view events and a list of the events will be shown above. You can then click-through to go to the specific event page for more details and to book.

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